Droplets: Our New Reusable Swim Nappies

What’s the deal with reusable swim nappies?

Earlier last month we launched our most exciting new product – Droplets Swim Nappies! While we are in love with these reusable swim nappies, we know there is often some confusion about how to use them and how they are different to a disposable swim nappy. So, here’s a wrap up of the advantages of our reusable Droplets Swim Nappies, and some handy tips on getting the most out of them.

Droplets are great because:

  • The soft inner netting and fold over leg elastics contain poo which togs alone can’t do.
  • They come in size XS, S, M and L (see size guide here) to ensure a snug fit. We’ve found that ones that are adjustable, or ‘One Size Fits Most’ don’t fit around the legs or waist as well, which can be risky.
  • They’re made from super light fabric that dries quickly.
  • One Droplet is around the same price of 2 packets of disposable swim nappies*, so if you are swimming regularly, a Droplet can work out to be far cheaper.
  • They have side snaps which means they are easy to take off when they’re wet or have poos in them.
  • Your little one doesn’t need to wear togs over the top of the Droplet as they come in 3 beautiful designs, so no extra washing.
  • You’ll create less rubbish compared to using disposable nappies, which is better for the planet.
  • They come with matching mini wet bags which are perfect to put the wet nappies in, and of course look great too! If you want a bigger wet bag that will also fit togs and a towel, check out our range here.

Things to remember when using reusable swim nappies:

  • They are not absorbent and won’t hold the wees like a standard nappy, so only put them on when you’re about to get in the water – otherwise you’ll be getting wet from something other than water!
  • Don’t add an absorbent insert or wear a normal nappy underneath, it will only soak up the pool or sea water and weigh your child down, which is a drowning hazard!
  • Always empty and rinse the nappy with fresh water after swimming to prolong its life. Then wash in the washing machine, following the care label instructions.

*Based on the average cost of Huggies Little Swimmers of $11.80.

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