7 Things a New Mum Wants

Your lovely new baby has arrived – what else could you want? Well, it turns out, there are plenty of things a new mum wants! The problem is that often a new mum rarely asks for help and almost never for physical items for herself. So, how do you know what she really wants and needs? Easy. We’ve done the research and found out the top seven things a new mum wants, but never asks for.

Top 7 Things a New Mum Wants – But Won’t Ask For

In the crazy rush of having a newborn, days, weeks and months can all blur together. A new mum can lose track of what day of the week it is, her upcoming appointments and even where she’s put her coffee. Life is so busy caring for her new baby that everything else takes a backseat. But you can be certain that she’ll love one of these magnificent gifts!

  1. A sleep in – new mums are up all night feeding and soothing her baby. Sleep becomes a luxury and something she craves. Arrange to come over and watch the newborn early one morning while she enjoys some much-needed shut eye.
  2. A cooked meal – there’s almost no time to cook a hot meal when there’s a newborn in the house. Drop over either something which is easy to heat in the microwave or a hot meal at dinner time for her.
  3. Someone to listen and not judge – a listening ear would be amazing. Be there to listen as she shares her thoughts and worries with you about her new role as a mum.
  4. Clean clothes – take a load of laundry home to your house to wash, dry and fold.
  5. A gift basket for her, not the baby – fill it with snacks, magazines and pampering toiletries.
  6. A shower by herself – come over and watch the new baby while mum takes a shower alone. It’s pure bliss for her!
  7. Offer to do things with her – even it is taking a walk or having coffee, it’s often the little things which matter the most.

Do you have any other ideas as to the things a new mum wants or needs? What are you best tips you can offer a new mum? We’d love to know, so please leave a comment below.

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