Bambam Newborn Fitted Cloth Nappies

A newborn baby nappy that fits! Picture this – your precious baby has just arrived. It’s time to dress them for the very first time.  You want to know that the very first layer you put on them, their nappy, fits, no matter how small they are.  Bambams will fit!  We’ve even had a 1.2kg preemie wearing them.

Bambam Features

  • Economic – Bambams will fit from birth through until around 8kgs, making them one of the most economical newborn cloth nappies around
  • Absorbent – Made from two layers of a snuggly 90/10 Bamboo/Cotton Terry fabric, Bambams are incredibly absorbent
  • Perfect fit – using a Snappi for closure, Bambams will adjust to the shape of your baby’s body, providing the best fit possible
  • Extra protection – use with Bubblebubs PUL covers to keep the liquid in

inside bambams cloth nappies

How to put on a bambam on newborn with cover (006C) from Bubblebubs. Cloth Nappies on Vimeo.


Bubblebubs Nappy Guarantee

We’re so confident that our Bambams will fit your newborn, we’ve backed it up with our Bubblebubs Nappy Guarantee.  If Bambams don’t work for you and your baby, you can return them for a full refund*

Learn more about the Bubblebubs Nappy Guarantee

Best cloth nappies for newborns

For the last two years running, Bambams have been awarded the Best Newborn Nappy award in the Australian Cloth Nappy Association awards, as voted by the public.  

best newborn cloth nappy


On-going improvements

Why are Bambams so great? They have been around for over a decade, with the first ones sold in 2006.  During this time, we have received so much helpful feedback about Bambams (and all of our products) from many of the parents who have used them.  As part of Bubblebubs commitment to the continuous improvement of our product range, we regularly incorporate this valuable feedback into our product updates, ensuring that you and your baby have the best modern cloth nappy experience possible!


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